Medial Gastroc...
Stiff ankles tight calf’s and Short Achilles are very common.
But what we commonly see is people lose ankle mobility and this creates excess stress on the knee joint and great toe.
Left unchecked limited ankle mobility can cascade into altered gait, posture and muscles firing sequencing.
Work deep
Work slow
L.A, Studio City- April 13-14th - Stretching and Flexibility - National Holistic Institute
London UK,Hampton Court-May 11-12th-Stretching and Flexibility- White House YMCA
Vero Beach Florida - June 15/16th- Stretching and Flexibility- Spine and Sports institute
Sydney Australia- July 6/7th- Stretching and Flexibility- Performance Personal Training
Brisbane Australia- 13-14th July Stretching and Flexibility- True Technique Gym
Austin Texas - September 28-29th Stretching and Flexibility- Onnit Academy- .
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Pinecrest, Florida



  • @migueruta 3 March, 2019

    On a stiff muscle, that's gotta hurt!!!

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    Looks painful! Most of my clients already hurt with a bit of pressure

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    What aré the requirements to attend the flexibility workshop?

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  • @camdecketttherapy 19 April, 2019

    Awesome work! Love seeing the way you add the passive ankle movement to the mobilization!