MINDFUL STRENGTH VIRTUAL STUDIO pricing update! This weekend if you are on the Summer Special newsletter list or in my FB group you will receive a link to purchase your annual pass at a discounted price! ❤️❤️❤️ The annual sale price is $260 CAD (incl. tax) as opposed to the monthly membership price which is $35 CAD a month (but you can cancel any time). The virtual studio is going to be amazing, ten new classes each month, you will gain access to a forever growing and evolving library, you can download the classes if you want or watch them online. Everything has been shot in this beautiful studio, and classes are a balanced mix of yoga, kettlebell strength, structural balance, mindfulness and restorative. Everything your body needs all in one online membership! 💪💪💪 sign up link for the newsletter in my bio, who is coming??