This is my guy. My husband, my drinking buddy, my one person in life and my rock. ❤️ We met at a local bar while attending university. Having only just met him and having never been to a bar I thought it would be a little careless to give him my phone number. So we exchanged ICQ numbers....(if you don’t know what that is, you’re not missing anything). ❤️ We dated for 4 years and married after we graduated. We move to Calgary before our one year anniversary and made a home for ourselves. ❤️ When I got the crazy idea of leaving my full-time job to pursue my photography business he supported me and even said it was a great idea. ❤️ When I got diagnosed with breast cancer he came to every single doctors appointment. ❤️ When I get scared of what the future holds for me, he’s there to help me mentally work though it. He listens, he reassures and he makes me smile. ❤️ He has taught me that love can conquer all. He’s taught me that patience is a skill acquired through practice. He’s taught me that hugs and laughter heal. He’s taught me that trust is earned and happiness is found through a change in perspective. ❤️ This is my guy. And I love him very much. #relationshipgoals #hubbylove #thisisus #loveisntblind



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    I know him!

  • @pughrachel 2:37 AM Jun 3, 2018

    ❤️ love this. We are blessed to have found such love. Xx

  • @annettaexon 5:41 AM Jun 3, 2018

    This is my son and I am always in awe of the man he has become and the depth of your love which knows no bounds.💕