Every person is created by God for a reason and a purpose. This is why when a baby dies, the future dies along with them. Abortion is even more horrendous because you are literally interfering in the divine purpose of another human being. One person touches so many lives in ways we can never understand. Every baby aborted is a death of an entire branch of the baby’s family tree. He or she will never grow up, marry and have children of their own. They’ll never be a mother or father, uncle or aunt and those living family members have been permanently denied knowing them. If you believe your life has meaning and purpose, why would you support aborting babies? #pregnancy #babies #abortion #familytree #family #human #life #humanbeing #prolife #righttolife #humanrights #choice #proabortion #catholic #catholicchurch #catholicism #romancatholic #christian



  • @peggytrombino 6:25 PM Apr 19, 2018

    😭So very sad!!😭

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  • @significantmother45 11:21 PM Apr 19, 2018

    True. Heartbreakingly true.💔🙏🏼

  • @edwinquinan 2:28 AM Apr 20, 2018

    That is very true.

  • @alandale815 3:37 AM Apr 20, 2018

    @arod1945 So true and an excellent question! 🚼🚼💙❤🙏🙏😢😢😡😡

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  • @alandale815 5:48 AM Apr 20, 2018

    @Arod1945 Thank you and God bless you all for this beautiful image of this baby. "All" babies are a gift from God. My Alan and I have used this baby and another one you posted for our goodnight babies on Facebook!

  • @alandale815 5:50 AM Apr 20, 2018

    @alandale815 +++ 💙❤

  • @malkatsigani 2:27 AM Apr 22, 2018

    If y’all really cared about those kids you’d fix your rampant child molestation problem but go off I guess 🐸☕️

  • @catholic_teen_posts 2:36 AM Apr 22, 2018

    @malkatsigani “rampant”?! Only 2-4% of ALL priests were accused and of that only 1-2% found guilty! 60% of religious leaders arrested for child molesting are non Catholics, there hasn’t been any new cases in over 10 years and more children are molested in the CA public school system in one year than the ENTIRE Catholic Church but you only care about child molestation victims when the perpetrator is a priest 🐸☕️

  • @giu.michi 11:04 PM Apr 22, 2018

    What if the person is raped and doesnt want a child that they didnt ask for?? #prochoice

  • @lileuina 4:48 AM Apr 24, 2018

    The second I found out I was pregnant I looked up to heaven because that's where my baby was going. If men can kill unborn children when they jack off, then i can rid the earth of the burden of my unborn child. I secured the bag. Not letting some greedy baby leave me bankrupt. #proabortion

  • @_hervelastarr 10:23 PM Apr 28, 2018

    Pro life FOR LIFE!!! Unapologetically

  • @tara_noir 8:24 AM May 9, 2018

    @malkatsigani Finally, someone with actual sense!!!

  • @ripthisksdeadhahahahdjs 9:24 AM Jul 18, 2018

    yeah but what if someone was raped and they had an unwanted child? or the parents weren’t ready for a child and that poor child had to grow up in an unsafe environment or they were put up for adoption and felt unwanted their whole life

  • @priestsforlife 3:33 PM Jul 18, 2018

    @bridget.is.ugly none of those things justify killing a child. Killing the baby doesn’t unrape the woman and we’re against rape for the same reason we’re against abortion. How could a child feel unwanted by being adopted?! You know what’s worse than feeling unwanted? Being dismembered