✈️My Ultimate Wanderlust Gadgets
👉🏾UNLOCKED phone: To avoid running a huge international phone bill. I use a local sim card at my destination to have access to local phone towers. :
👉🏾Bluetooth Boss HEADPHONES: Light, comfortable, great sound quality & noice cancelling technology for those long flights.
👉🏾POWER BANKS- Never run out of juice: Two 8hr+ Durable ones wherever I go. The worst thing is being on a 15hr flight with no charge capability onboard (happened b4 & it was hell). I travel off the beaten path a lot venturing into remote areas so bringing a power bank is essential :
👉🏾CAMERA Matters: Camera phones are great for spontaneity & convenience but will never bit traditional handheld cameras. I use a Sony a6300 4K Mirrorless Camera. It’s light, small, but compact & captures stunning images in a way that my iphone doesn't. :
👉🏾TRIPOD: Someone asked me who takes my travel pics. Well since @verydelphine can't go on every trip with me, I carry a very light one that is convenient for taking solo pics. Most importantly however, a sturdy tripod will improve the quality of your photos dramatically so if you love photography like I do, having one is a must. :
👉🏾Portable BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: I carry a small one but with great sound quality. I find myself outside a lot when I travel so its convenient to play music especially when hanging with friends.
Surge CHARGE PROTECTOR: Power voltages are different internationally, to avoid damaging my gadgets I bring one so I'm a able to adjust accordingly.
👉🏾Lastly, while we are not talking vacation clothing here, a light jacket with lots of pockets to carry gadgets & travel documents is always good to have. I got this one from H&M along time ago.
What are your top three most important gadgets to have for travel?

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  • @drmonicakieu 14 July, 2019

    You are even stylish how you prepare ❤️🙂

  • @itsthecity 14 July, 2019

    Nothing less then dope on this one... Reppin' that melanin to the fullest 🔥🔥🔥

  • @education_of_a_pearl 12 July, 2019

    My ultimate travel gadget is my husband, he's like Swiss Army knife, what I can't figure out on my own, he does 😁, my phone and a light jacket bc I get cold anywhere. Now however, I think I will be using some of your tips (I especially love the tripod suggestion, I always thought it was extra stuff, but you make a good case for having one). Thanks for the inspiration shot.😊

  • @verydelphine 12 July, 2019

    Enjoy your trip boo! See you soon, inshallah😁

  • @ssimplynina 12 July, 2019

    Happy the a6300 turned out great...I will be patiently waiting for pics. 💃🏾😍

  • @lindavakunta 12 July, 2019

    What brand speakers?

  • @lindavakunta 12 July, 2019

    What brand speakers?

  • @divaniderm 11 July, 2019

    Where you traveling gf?? Love the Sony mirrorless camera too! Can you link the tripod🙏🏼

  • @dr.br_enda 11 July, 2019

    Camera lover 👌🏾

  • @drkristamarie 11 July, 2019

    Love these tips and the tripod is a must!! 🙌🏾

  • @traveling.twogether 11 July, 2019

    I have the same camera and love it!

  • @khadmatsu 11 July, 2019

    Woahh this is neat! Have a safe travel ❤️🧡💛

  • @the.psych.md 11 July, 2019

    All great advice on travel essentials!Getting local SIM is the way to go!

  • @ceramedx 11 July, 2019

    Love this! Safe travels!💙✈️

  • @elyselovemd 11 July, 2019

    You are super prepared. I carry a @mxbboz with me 😹 without it, everything would be out of battery and I’d be stuck with selfies

  • @tedssingapore 11 July, 2019

    Your pic is really beautiful.

  • @browngirl_inmedicine 11 July, 2019

    Where is the tripod from?

  • @landtravels 11 July, 2019

    Hey there, i am the founder of @landtravels and as you can see i love traveling like you, maybe you love traveling even more than me, just check me out you will love it❤️🙌😂