When we go to Japan one of the types of food I love having is macrobiotic food. Have you ever had macrobiotic food? This was a meal I ate at @chayamacrobi_shiodome in Tokyo last week that was fabulous. Brown rice sushi roll, a green salad with a shio koji dressing, creamy corn soup, kabocha “salad,” and simmered eggplant. So much flavor!

A high-ranking army doctor named Dr. Sagan Ishizuka, who died at the beginning of the 20th century, is considered the founder of Macrobiotics. He noticed an increase of disease in the local Japanese population as they adopted a more western diet and developed a simple, natural diet that he prescribed (which became the macrobiotic diet), with very successful results.

Macrobiotics emphasizes locally grown whole grown cereals, pulses, vegetables, edible seaweed, fermented soy products and fruit, combined into meals according to the ancient Chinese principle of balance known as yin and yang. This way of eating prescribes that: . •40% to 60% of daily diet should be organically grown whole grains, like brown rice, barley, millet, oats, and corn.
•Locally grown vegetables make up 20%-30% of your daily total.
•5% to 10% is reserved for beans and bean products like tofu, miso, and tempeh, and sea vegetables like seaweed, nori, and agar.
•Also can have fresh fish and seafood, locally grown fruit, pickles, and nuts several times a week.
•Rice syrup—one of the sweeteners you can have occasionally.
•Discouraged from eating dairy, eggs, poultry, processed foods, refined sugars, and meats, along with tropical fruits, fruit juice, and certain vegetables like asparagus, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, and zucchini.
•Drink only when you feel thirsty.
•Spicy foods are frowned upon, along with strong alcoholic beverages, soda, coffee, and anything highly refined, processed, or chemically preserved.

It may sound restrictive, but it sure results in some delicious restaurants! .

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