Features 👇 💥 • Protocols supported: HTTP, SIP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, TCP, UDP and IPv6 • Port Independent Protocol Identification (PIPI) for each application protocol;

Multithreading :- • Output data and information in SQLite database or Mysql database and/or files; • At each data reassembled by Xplico is associated a XML file that uniquely identifies the flows and the pcap containing the data reassembled; • Realtime elaboration (depends on the number of flows, the types of protocols and by the performance of computer -RAM, CPU, HD access time, …-); • TCP reassembly with ACK verification for any packet or soft ACK verification; • Reverse DNS lookup from DNS packages contained in the inputs files (pcap), not from external DNS server; • No size limit on data entry or the number of files entrance (the only limit is HD size); IPv4 and IPv6 support :- • Modularity. Each Xplico component is modular. The input interface, the protocol decoder (Dissector) and the output interface (dispatcher) are all modules; • The ability to easily create any kind of dispatcher with which to organize the data extracted in the most appropriate and useful to you. 🔥 💥 If you got any suggestions Let me know in the comment section ✍

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