Small businesses can face IT problems that can seriously slow down their business or even threaten the security of sensitive information! Here are 2 common IT problems all small businesses face:

Check out 2 of the most common computer and IT issues that every small business faces… and what you can do to fix them when they happen to you.

1. Lost Email Data

If you use an email program at home or in your small business, you may be setup to use POP and SMTP by default. This simply means that when your email client (Outlook or Windows Live Mail) downloads your email, it may not be leaving a copy on the server. So, if your computer ever stops working, you could lose all of that data unless you made a backup.
POP and SMTP email settings also transmit email without encryption and do not synchronize across devices, which can become frustrating very quickly.
The Fix: Use A Cloud-Based Email Service
Leaving a copy of your emails on the server provides your business with an added layer of backup security for important data and messages.
By using services like Google Apps or AppRiver, a copy of your email, contacts, and calendar are securely transmitted and stored on secure servers. This also allows you to download or view everything on any device and have your activity synchronized automatically.

2. Missed System Updates

By default, Windows updates are set up to be downloaded and installed every morning at 3am, presuming your computers are turned on at that early hour. However, if you’re shutting down your computer each night (and you should be) they’re not booted up when those updates come through. That means those updates aren’t downloaded and applied unless you make the conscious effort to do them yourself—and most people don’t.
The Fix: Set Updated Reminder Notifications
You can access your Windows Update settings in the Control Panel, and set them to always notify you to download install them. This way, you’ll get reminders when it’s time to install a security update. Otherwise, your network admin can also take care of this for you.

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