Meeting this guy (and everyone else, of course!) was worth the trip to Denver! 🌃 .
@waterwisepro impressed us with his authenticity and professionalism, so we knew that this was a man on a mission that we wanted to link up with. 💥 .
Steven Hernandez trains the next generation of #wateroperators so meeting at #ace19 “Innovating the Future of Water” was apropos. @xio_inc is the leading innovator of the #waterindustry and Steven is literally responsible for the future of it through education. 🤓 💪 .
Steven can let the next generation of water operators know that the XiO cloud isn’t scary, it’s more secure than any other available option; that operators can monitor and control in simple to complex and customized systems REMOTELY; that real-time analytics save you time and energy by immediately telling you where to look for and solve your problem (instead of poking around onsite); that smart automation saves water and utilities costs for your company; that our solutions are installable by any electrician so that you don’t need expensive programmers; that we integrate with hardware and smart technologies that YOU already use; and the list goes on.
🤝 Point is, we are both in the #drinkingwater industry to make it better and to make the lives of each #wateroperator better. 👊🏽
Great to meet you, Steven! We look forward to more!
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Colorado Convention Center



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    Wonderful shot 😍

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    Love your posts!

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    @waterwisepro is the man💪💪