Cracking an interview - 1/1
There are many tips available online on cracking the interviews these days with lots of Dos and Donts and very good too. Still one is not able to clear an interview. From my experience of taking interviews and preparing the candidates for the interviews, I can tell you few interesting things which surely would benefit.
1. The personality of an individual plays a very important part in every aspect of life and so does during an interview. A selection is done in just 16 seconds, surprised? yes, it is true. The clock starts from the moment a candidate enters the room and settles in the chair (normally chairs have hand rests so in the chair otherwise on the chair... English is a funny language). The way you walk and sit reflects the personality which though HR may seem to be ignoring, notices and start marking you. Be natural, be yourself during an interview, fakes can be easily spotted by the HRs. Enjoy it, It is just like talking about yourself with a stranger nothing bigger than that. your life doesn't depend on it.

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