Another educational opportunity to share with the #debtfreecommunity - another phone scam! I’m constantly getting bombarded with phone calls, upwards of almost a dozen a day, that are spam. I have a spam blocker and have changed my phone number, too. However, they still persist! This past week, I had a #studentloans #scammer call me saying that my loans were eligible for some offer. It’s always a dead giveaway it’s a scam when the caller’s number is different from the number they ask you to call back on. This “Rebecca” person called dozens of other people when you type the number into Google. This is an important reminder to NEVER give out personal information over the phone. If it’s your bank, student loan lender, a doctor’s office, whatever, ALWAYS call the number directly that you have for whatever entity is you need to conduct business with. You can always report these numbers to the FCC and your cell phone company. If you can manage it, I recommend getting a Google Voice line and giving every entity that asks for your info that alternative number instead of your cell phone. Of course, you don’t have to answer any calls, but it definitely can cut down on the amount of #spamcalls and #robocalls that come through your line. I don’t know how this spammer got my info, Lord only knows, but always check your credit report, report any discrepancies and be wary of who you give your info out to! It is so easy for your data to be stolen in this day in age. Take preventative measures and don’t give out your info to anyone who doesn’t need it. I also recommend you budget for the #robokiller app on your phone. #debtfree #debtisdumb #debtfreejourney #robocalls #scams #studentloanssuck #studentloandebt #studentloan #federalloans #privateloans #debtfreedom #personalfinance #commonsense #fcc #moneymoneymoney #datasecurity #scam



  • @loveflorish 12 June, 2019

    I was watching the news a while back and I guess some laws changed that allow spammers to access your number easier. They also no longer have to follow the do not call registry. It looks like this trend is here to stay until the laws change again.