It feels like ages since I’ve posted on social media let alone be active on social media.

This is mainly due to having exams, I put trading on the sideline and focused on exams, then when they finished I decided to stay off social media to get back in the routine of focusing on forex.

I’m trying to put more emphasis on backtesting as I’m still adjusting to the live markets and want to have full confidence in the strategy I’m using, the confidence coming from backtesting.

I was also hesitant to come back to social media as I was letting my ego get involved with my trading, when I opened my account, I went on a losing streak and let it get into my head.

I’m trying to be more neutral in the market, the fear of being wrong and a few past losses has distracted me from the markets and has made me more hesitant to place a trade.

I just thought I’d share some insight to my psychology as it’s something I’m sure everyone has struggled with at some point.

I’m in it for the long run so no matter how long it takes I’ll keep going 🔥