Oil tanker explodes after a crash 😳😳😳



  • @_dellconagher_ 8 May, 2019

    Bruh look at the dude riding his bike straight into it

  • @bugbitch_ 2 May, 2019

    They sitting there like dumbasses

  • @dollydae_ 2 May, 2019

    Y’all people want to stand there and watch idiots !! Don’t play around with no oil it’s going to EXPLODE

  • @athenacnzl 1 May, 2019

    @jonelmanuellampera 😱

  • @the.bitchy_bitch 30 April, 2019

    And the award for this years dumbasses go too, drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @nationallyme 29 April, 2019

    Us black people love being nosy

  • @usman_ersno 29 April, 2019

    This is Chechnya

  • @joedowse 29 April, 2019


  • @shootey_ 29 April, 2019


  • @shootey_ 29 April, 2019


  • @noob_master_69___ 29 April, 2019

    DUDE you can't just leave your car.

  • @madeinjapan0.o 29 April, 2019

    @sailorscomet why they watching like it’s fireworks or something

  • @jabberjaw360 29 April, 2019

    Fucking idiot's going towards that shit

  • @martial_cars 28 April, 2019

    I think I saw a human flying to the right of the explosion.

  • @chrissi_pooh13 28 April, 2019

    Is the bike guy okay though....

  • @thereal_steve 28 April, 2019

    where is this?

  • @valeria__alferez 28 April, 2019

    Idk y they just stud there like nothing else was gonna happen! Guys if a oil tanker crashed u better run because that shit gonna light up on fire

  • @funsized_midget1984 28 April, 2019

    Ur page is insane dude wtf I love

  • @tombo_302 27 April, 2019

    Seeing and hearing that tire is crazy

  • @sweet.potato335 27 April, 2019

    So many stupid people think that it's ok to stand around and watch after a car catches on fire or an oil tanker gets in a crash, but it's really the most dangerous and idiotic thing you can do. When my mom was six, her parents got into an accident and their car caught on fire. My grandparents couldn't get out, but my mom and her siblings got out right before the car exploded, killing my grandparents and seriously injuring my mom and her siblings. Please please please don't stand around after a car ignites or an oil tanker crashes, it could kill you

  • @kimie.wa 27 April, 2019

    @_shawjaszle7 ni lah bangang dh tau lori tanker tu trbakar lgi tunjuk hebat nk prgi, nk rakam,

  • @daly_j05 27 April, 2019

    Paul Walker dat you?

  • @sergio_is_trash 27 April, 2019


  • @nekozillaux 26 April, 2019

    The car flew hah