Finished up my part of a project in Miami yesterday and realized some important things. I was super excited for this project because I was going to work with some people I hadn't seen in a couple years. Some completely unexpected challenges came up. I was in a different role this time but not only did the people I worked with a couple years ago expect me to do my old job, so did I. I automatically slipped back into my old role while trying to perform my new role. I ended up disappointing my friends AND myself in both. Then it hit me as bright as these sparks against the night sky. Recovery is the EXACT same thing. We are changing our "roles" and in effect, changing our lives. We need to stick to the new roles we have chosen and perform them at a high level. Some may be disappointed with our choices but it won't be us. Thankful that I got to see everyone and for the great friendships. The learning continues!
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    Stay Sturdy

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    @theonlytruefergster Stay Sturdy, Ferg. Need to get together soon!

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    We can’t make everyone happy, that’s for sure. Are you happy with your new position? Thats the answer you need to find

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    I love this share!