Thank you @equinox Summit NJ for hosting the Fundamentals of Prenatal Pilates today! Playing on the beautiful Gratz equipment with the experienced Equinox instructors that came from NJ, Long Island, and Connecticut was a joy. Getting hugs after the workshop boosted all our oxytocin levels. Thank you @scusma for hosting me and thank you @ckjackson25 and everyone who organized.
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  • @l0vevick 14 April, 2019

    So nice meeting you today at the workshop. You’re such a sweet soul 💗

  • @ckjackson25 15 April, 2019


  • @rootedboston 15 April, 2019

    @l0vevick it was great to meet you! Thank you for coming to NJ, participating, and sharing! Please stay in touch 🙏💗

  • @rootedboston 15 April, 2019

    @ckjackson25 😘🥰🙏

  • @biokineticslondon 16 April, 2019


  • @rootedboston 17 April, 2019

    @biokineticslondon 🙏