🍩Money Tip #11 🍪

Guys, I am a SUPER picky eater.
Like the pickiest.😑

To make meal planning even tougher, Ethan and I like a lot of foods cooked differently. (Except for Mexican🌮🥳)

This makes meal planning and meal prepping ROUGH, but when money was tight and we were living on one income, we kept our food budget at $300/month consistently. 💪🏻

Here are 4 tips for the grocery budget:

Seriously! If you’re trying to cut down on your grocery budget look no further! This place is the cheapest and their fruits, veggies, and meats are goooood. Problem solved, NEXT!🛒

2. Meal plan every week👅
Every weekend before we grocery shop, we come up with a list of meals for that week. More recently we both have been going to the store which helps with accountability and just remembering everything.

3. Buy in bulk only when it saves you💲💲💲
One of the best things we did was get a Costco membership...for GAS!! We don’t buy a lot of food here because it is more expensive than Aldi. We buy frozen chicken tenderloins and sometimes soups or protein bars but we don’t buy perishable items here hardly at all. Make sure you do the math and make sure buying in bulk is actually saving you money!!

4. Think outside the box💡
One of our most profitable opportunities is when Ethan goes hunting in November. We both loooove deer meat! He and a friend process the meat themselves which saves us money and we got about 50 lbs of meat last year!!! Costs for us include deer tags and ammo. We make steaks, ground meat, jerky, etc. And the meat usually lasts us 6-8 months!!🥩 We also have a garden that produces veggies in the summer 😁We miiight actually lose money on that but they still taste so good😂

What other grocery budget tips do you practice?👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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