A decidedly late entry into the #fantasyonfriday Spring TBR challenge!! It's been a busy Friday but the gorgeous nearly-70s weather we had going on outside today definitely brightened this girl's mood. As does this beautiful stack of reading I've got ahead of me. Its ambitious because I've been reading slow as molasses these days, and it'll be subject to my wild reading moods, of course. But oh they all look so pretty just sittin' there, they call to me! Welcome Spring!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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  • @bookwormescapes 16 March, 2019

    Ohhh some of these look great!!

  • @amy_fortheloveofbooks 16 March, 2019

    Simply beautiful 🌸

  • @throneofshatteredbooks 16 March, 2019

    Love this 😍💛

  • @nicolecmoy 17 March, 2019

    So many good titles here!

  • @theabhorsenreads 18 March, 2019

    I just started Romanov 😁 I'm also really excited for The Oddmire

  • @stories_and_sweeties 18 March, 2019

    @bookwormescapes Yes, excited for them all!😁

  • @stories_and_sweeties 18 March, 2019

    @amy_fortheloveofbooks 😘

  • @stories_and_sweeties 18 March, 2019

    @throneofshatteredbooks Thanks so much!! 💕

  • @stories_and_sweeties 18 March, 2019

    @nicolecmoy Eee, yes! Hope i can get to them all!!😱

  • @stories_and_sweeties 18 March, 2019

    @theabhorsenreads Ahh, I hope its as good as Fawkes! Very excited for Oddmire, I loved his Jackaby series so much!💜💜

  • @carinabooks 26 March, 2019

    Ahh, all the books :D Happy reading lovely. <3 I adored Descendant of the Crane. And must have that ARC :D So pretty. The Raven's Tale was not truly for me, but it was good too. And ahh, House of Salt and Sorrows was so good and creepy :D I hope you love it too. <3

  • @stories_and_sweeties 28 March, 2019

    @carinabooks Ooh i can't wait to get to Descendant of the Crane! And glad to hear you loved House of Salt & Sorrow, you were so lucky to win that annotated copy!!! 😍😍