I👏love👏my👏library!!!!! I put a hold on this book 2 weeks ago, I was ninth in line on 2 copies! I got the email Wednesday telling me my copy was in?! Let me tell you, this copy has never been opened!! I’m the very first reader here! There is something sooooo satisfying about that! To be the first to open a public copy of a book? I got to smell the brand new pages, before lord knows what gets to them lol. Victory dance kind of moment💃
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  • @juliasbookcase 15 March, 2019

    Ahh enjoy! It sounds like a really great read 😊

  • @oiney_reads_another 15 March, 2019

    @juliasbookcase thanks! I’m hoping to get to it next ♥️

  • @iambrittles 15 March, 2019

    Enjoy! This is one of my all-time favorite books now!

  • @oiney_reads_another 15 March, 2019

    @iambrittles thanks! I’ve read some great reviews, I’m excited to get into it!

  • @milburymelissa 15 March, 2019

    I want to read this one!