WEEKENDS are for chilling. But that's for those who work hard 9-5 the whole week. What about full time successful traders and entrepreneurs ? Do they really have that weekend chill time? . . No. As an entrepreneur your mind is always working on what things you could do to make your business more successful. As a trader, during a trading day you are constantly watching the markets analysing and trading, looking for opportunities. So you hardly get time to learn something new about the markets or trading itself. . . Weekend is the time where you could do that. Since the Forex markets are closed, you can focus your time and energy on understanding what has evolved in the markets and how you could be better at it. . . Successful traders and entrepreneurs just have day ends, finish what you need to do and then take time out for yourself, everyday. Weekends, learn and educate yourself with what will make you better at what you do. . . You want to be a weekend person or a Day-end person? . . #forex #forextrader #forexsignals #digitalnomad #forexkiyosaki #daytrader #millionaire_mentor #millionairemindset #lifestyle #tradermindset #finance #financialfreedom #forextrading #forexdubai #forexeurope #forexlifestyle #success #motivation #dailymotivation



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    your picture feels very cool :)

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    @llmachine_trading_solutions thanks

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    When one gives without reservation and receives without expectation the door to abundance is opened. @forexkiyosaki 🙌

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