Elie Kassouf ( @killermentality )

11:27 AM Feb 12, 2019
‼️The Batman Thing ‼️ . . Me and Batman have a lot in comon, I know I don't own a weapon manufacturing company, although I wish I do 😂😂😎 . . But thats not it, we all admire batman, we all love him. But as kids we didnt do so for his money, mansion or companies. But we loved him because he fought the bad, he fought for his city, he did what he though was right and the most important thing he DID NOT GIVE UP🦇🦇⚖️⚖️ (even after some serious ass whooping 😂🐇) . . We all have that batman inside us, we all want to be good, loved, praised. Fight for the good and for the people we love. But we give up easily. 😞😓👎 . . We all can do it, we all can fight for our dreams, be good to ourselves and surroundings, build people around us and maintain healthy relationships👭👥🤓 . . What ever the hell we want to do we can, but just like batman we have to never give up . . Have a killer week everyone 😎🚀🔥🔥