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  • @adesandro 3 days ago

    Open up a Traders School in My Country

  • @danielmandat 3 days ago

    I would see my kids more ;(

  • @lu.wan.lin 3 days ago

    I earned money on cryptocurrency. But since I am from China, I was blocked on These exchanges. Who will help me withdraw btc, will pay btc for help

  • @paulmanfx 3 days ago

    💡I will Master & remembering every aspect of that Day, to do it Again to help Family & People's lives! 📈📉@warriortrading

  • @grubesic86 3 days ago

    I would finally take my family and 3 yr old son on a trip. Maybe to Disneyland. Re-invest $2500.

  • @kirratho 3 days ago

    I would reinvest some of the money and save the rest towards starting my own business.

  • @leiferstieler 3 days ago

    I’d reinvest it in the market!

  • @mrs.canupp 3 days ago

    Re-invest of course!!! Love your youtube by the way and would love a copy of your book! 😊

  • @kc_bali 3 days ago

    Keep trading!!

  • @sgilbert1988 3 days ago

    I’d reinvest it and make more money

  • @michelledcampo 3 days ago

    Use that 12.5k to start up some businesses!

  • @soyexito_ 3 days ago


  • @chelsoskxo 3 days ago

    If I made $12,500 in a day I would pay off a years worth of rent to my landlord

  • @justinfhill 3 days ago

    Once I’m out of the service, I would take my wife on an all-inclusive vacation. We love to travel!

  • @kenrobertny 3 days ago

    I would invest in Warrior courses if I made $12.5k and also I would buy an HP wide screen $1.5k.

  • @realtrader72 3 days ago

    With 12.5K I Learn your strategy and fo day trading. Best Regards from Colombia, South America

  • @tara.1021 3 days ago

    Checkout @bigsmokcrypto

  • @colintrades 3 days ago

    Nice hair doe

  • @reginealmazon 3 days ago

    I can fire my boss!😅

  • @anthonytrichilo 3 days ago

    Hi Ross. How would I be able to speak to you regarding my day trading strategy?

  • @cristopherfrausto 3 days ago

    With 12.5k I would join warrior trading pro and likely lose a majority of fhe rest before perfecting Ross' day trading strategy.

  • @connorblayze 2 days ago

    I would definitely reinvest the 12.5k! And certainly become a part of the inner circle and be able to have 1 on 1's with the best teacher around! Appreciate everything you do for your students Ross!

  • @kevindonutzhang 2 days ago

    Purchase all the courses on day trading

  • @dirtrider250 2 days ago

    If I made 12k in a day, I’d re-invest half or more then use the rest to pay off some of my loans. If I made ~12k a day I’d definitely help my mom and sis with their loans and bills.

  • @alfredopizza 2 days ago

    I’d pay off my girlfriends college, buy her a vehicle, pay off my college, buy me my own vehicle, and then start donating like crazy!

  • @msfantasticlking 2 days ago

    Love that you wrote a book to help us. Thank you.....12.5k in a day....I would keep learning and be able to teach my family members who are down in a generational economic hell hole. AND would I quit my substitute TEACHER 10.00 hr job, and help rescue the teachers who are stressed and days away from a stroke or heart attack. We would become life students of the stock market and make out own retirement. Yaaaassss Leona King Houston Texas

  • @a1sven_ 2 days ago

    12.5k I would start my OWN business en invest the money in Facebook ads \ instagram

  • @lekeidris 2 days ago

    50% into stocks, 25% Forex and 25% into personal development.

  • @alax_fred86 2 days ago

    Invest with a legit company where you have access to create and fund your live trading account yourself, And have full access login to be monitoring your trading account and how your trade profits move, and at the end of every successful trading period you can place your withdrawal request to your Bitcoin wallet. Invest $1000 to earn $10,000 Invest $2000 to earn $20,000 Invest $3000 to earn $30,000 Invest $4000 to earn $40,000 Invest $5000 to earn $50,000 The higher the investment, the higher the profits

  • @davidhferguson 2 days ago

    If only I was informed earlier about the opportunities of binary options trading and bitcoins what an amazing journey with @bitcoin_binary_investment with an investment of $500 i made averagely $2500 in 12days quite amazing and impressive one for me.

  • @ali.haider_786 2 days ago

    I will donate half of the money and rest I will use.

  • @bastian.vingerhoet yesterday

    Renovate my mothers house!

  • @sethtaye2019 yesterday

    ❤️I will donate 2% for charity and use the rest on investment and education to do more

  • @blissmill yesterday i could follow my passion of saving animals and start a sanctuary ♥️

  • @adan180 yesterday

    Buy your course and invest the rest...

  • @don_perry_engraving yesterday


  • @seekingvalueinvestor yesterday

    Such an AMAZING book for anyone whether you're a #trader or #investor

  • @getfreewithkd yesterday

    Reinvest it into my education and portfolio

  • @fitgirl_sessa 18 hours ago

    If I made $12.5k in a day, I would pay off legal fees from the custody case & reinvest the remaining $500 to figure out how to do it again. Not having that debt hanging over our heads would be life changing!

  • @warriortrading 13 hours ago

    @m4nny2020 yes it’s on amazon!