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    Exactly 🤙🏼 #focus

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    @thepairsharefx 🙌

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    @thepairsharefx Do you trade Crypto?

  • @robinhawtho_ 4 days ago

    U exercise for 20 mins?? Tf

  • @maltsev_trade 4 days ago

    @robinhawtho_ Yes, indeed! Everyday 💪

  • @maltsev_trade 4 days ago

    @robinhawtho_ What about you?)🤔

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    @fit.tonia okay thanks 🙏

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    Markets open at 6:30 here. 😳

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    @maltsev_trade you welcome

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    @matiassgalindo 🙌

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    @mykefez ohhh, where is it? 🤔

  • @smogmee 3 days ago

    Wake up by 5 Meditate for 30min Then go back to bed (rest stage not sleep) and wake up by 6 Think of the next goals Then pick up by bag and go to lesson

  • @maltsev_trade 3 days ago

    @smogmee 💪💪💪

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    @maltsev_trade CA

  • @maltsev_trade 3 days ago

    @mykefez ohhh, okay I understand and How do you cope with it? 😎

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    love it 🙌🏻

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    @wallstreet.g thanks 👌

  • @mykefez 3 days ago

    @maltsev_trade I typically stay away from the craziness of the early market. I like to wait till it’s settled down and is more predictable mid day. Then if I want any big trades I’ll make them near the close.

  • @maltsev_trade 3 days ago

    @mykefez ohhh, okay. Thank you for your answer 🙏

  • @maltsev_trade 3 days ago

    @mykefez you can follow my page there will be more useful content for traders and investors 💡

  • @mykefez 3 days ago

    @maltsev_trade Sounds great. How long have you been trading and what do you typically trade?

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  • @doctor_barry_burns 2 days ago

    Mines pretty much the same, but I do a little mindfulness meditation too.

  • @maltsev_trade 2 days ago

    @doctor_barry_burns that’s great 😁 thanks for your comment 🙌