@robinhoodgrowth #Mistakes are only #fails when you don’t #learn from them. The people on top make just as many mistakes as everyone else, this difference is they choose to learn from them. Stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Learn, improve and accomplish great things! • • • • • #motivation💪 #motivation #warrenbuffet #investing #daytrading #stocks #stockmarket #daytrader



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  • @kb1230_ 12:36 PM Feb 11, 2019

    Failures are like mazes. You find out which way NOT to go, which will lead you to the proper route. Like u said, learning is key.

  • @icmarkets_ib 1:17 PM Feb 11, 2019

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  • @im_ilyaustinov 1:58 PM Feb 11, 2019

    Am I the only one to notice, that Warren Buffet looks younger)

  • @gym_god_ 5:36 PM Feb 11, 2019

    Who is this?

  • @nextleveltrading 5:49 PM Feb 11, 2019

    The inspiration i needed

  • @positivelycarefree 5 days ago

    @pipipautakkuruskurus thank you for this 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻