Cartier Tank Mono Poussoir. Re issue from around 2006. Limited edition of 100pc. in pink- and 100pc. in white gold.

Hôtel Negresco Nice



  • @kluand 5 days ago

    What a beauty

  • @atolyestone 5 days ago


  • @lebaneseconds 5 days ago

    A Marvelous timepiece 👌

  • @beaugems 5 days ago

    My favourite 😍

  • @cavidqafarov 5 days ago


  • @alshilandi82 5 days ago


  • @ashan_abuzar 5 days ago

    Love the guilloche on the dial. I wonder if it has been stamped on or completed using a proper guilloche machine?

  • @nrv2001 5 days ago

    Beautiful watch, but your location is even better

  • @george.cramer 5 days ago

    @nrv2001 - Thanks, I move around a lot.

  • @dph205 5 days ago

    Any chance you’re ready to part with it? :)

  • @philippe_1l_et_2p 5 days ago


  • @timeavenuevenezuela 5 days ago

    The square shape is unique.

  • @dorothy_o_ 5 days ago


  • @atlantawatchclub 5 days ago

    This piece is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • @oldwatch007 5 days ago

    Beautiful watch😍😍

  • @ufoundrich 5 days ago

    That looks like a Ralph Lauren timepiece.

  • @soonervickery 5 days ago

    Yet one more beautiful timepiece I don’t recall ever seeing before. Thank you so much for sharing, George. ❤️

  • @the_prince_of_posh 5 days ago


  • @george.cramer 5 days ago

    @ufoundrich - Well this Cartier watch was designed, when Ralph Lauren was not even born yet!!

  • @mister_ieux 5 days ago

    Ah..another favourite of mine! Those shapes. A circle within a square.

  • @raffaellav.corver 5 days ago


  • @ufoundrich 5 days ago

    @george.cramer I know he is an appropriator of all things classic and chic. He’s an editor not a designer.

  • @ciaca70 5 days ago

    @ufoundrich then it's the RL piece that eventually looks like this Cartier 😉

  • @ufoundrich 5 days ago

    @ciaca70 yep. I think his whole line of watches has been copied from Cartier. I prefer the genuine article. I have had two Cartiers.

  • @halperin 5 days ago

    Beautiful!! Whats the size ?

  • @aurummurua 5 days ago

    @ufoundrich Not even close desigwise. You should study them more closely.

  • @ufoundrich 5 days ago

    @aurummurua I don’t need too. 👎🏽 Ralph is genuine authentic. Read Michael Gross’ book. His dress shirts don’t shrink in the neck though.

  • @dhan_____ 5 days ago


  • @brunox59 4 days ago

    Très jolie montre 👌

  • @styleafter50 4 days ago


  • @leokingss 4 days ago

    @ufoundrich well, RL teamed up with Richmond group (they own Cartier, Montblanc, Jaeger Lecountre, IWC, A. Longer & Sohen....) they splint 50/50 on the RL watch collection. The RL watches movements are great, and if am not wrong it is from lecoutre movements. But I would rather spend on a know watch brand, that would still be valuable years after... as I am not sure RL watches would.

  • @ufoundrich 4 days ago

    @leokingss Knowledge. TY. Well after seeing this watch I know he’s copied but he had help.

  • @george.cramer 4 days ago

    @dph205 - Only when I find one in white gold.

  • @nihaoniclee 3 days ago


  • @george.cramer yesterday

    @halperin - 34mm x 42mm

  • @famichicken1539 20 hours ago