5 weeks ago we saw the largest amount of 🤓dumb money traders shouting that the 🐻 bear market was coming (it already came - 20% drop off highs) where they were selling positions for losses📉, buying puts, buying vix and any other dumb money strategy other there. • At the same time we were loading the 🚣 on the way up after Dec 26th after the SPY took out 240 to the upside👆(we only buy on the way up). • Since than the SPY has ripped 17% higher in 5 weeks. The market on average returns 7% a year, 10% a year if you include dividends. In the last month we road more than 2 years of market returns in a months time when rookies were hiding 🙍‍♂️ under there blankets. • Now that the market seems safe again 🤷‍♂️, guess what they are all coming back in and guess what we are doing? Raising cash 💰 like it’s going out of style, when the markets fall most think they’ll fall forever and on the way up they think it will continue however the opposite is usually true. 💵 Cash is a positions and after the Alpha Chat took $500,000+ in profits out of the market so far this year, its time for us to sit on our hands, continue to scan and be prepared after the market finds its legs which currently is a causal 40 points lower. • If you would like to start learning how our team of traders made half a million in the last month visit the link in bio to start the first of our 11 programs or comment GS below and we’ll help nudge you onto a better path than “I’m teaching myself” • Alpha members let’s hear what you locked in so far this month 💰!

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