This is my lovely Garmin Forerunner 220, it’s nearly 5 years old and is still working as good as new BUT....after enjoying my first Triathlon last year I want to do more and I feel it’s time I considered an upgrade to a multi sport watch.....I’m after something with swim, cycle and Running functions......maps and music would be an added bonus but it’s a tough decision to make!!! So far I’m swaying towards the @garminuk #fenix5splus but Being a tech idiot I’m not sure I’ll use all the functions to justify the higher cost!!! Does anyone have any recommendations on multi sport watches? I’m not sure what I think of the reliability of wrist-based heart rate monitors or the thought of using a map on my wrist when cycling??? #decisionsdecisions #upgrade #garminfenix5s #triathlon #runnergirl #triathlonnovice #swimbikerun #gpswatch #runningwatch #multisport



  • @danhobdentri 11:04 PM Feb 6, 2019

    Garmin 935 or Apple Watch

  • @littlelauraruns 11:06 PM Feb 6, 2019

    @danhobdentri cheers...I’ve not looked into the garmin 935, Looks good, great tip....thanks!

  • @jenniespil 12:17 AM Feb 7, 2019

    I got the Garmin 935 for my bday last year. I love it so far but have not used it much due to being pregnant but it has ALOT of functions and for triathlons it looks perfect!

  • @hels117 6:20 AM Feb 7, 2019

    I love my 735 but only didn't go for the fenix due to cost. The fenix is so pretty!

  • @clare.wellfair.runs 7:29 AM Feb 7, 2019

    Fenix 5s all the way!

  • @clarejessbryan 7:40 AM Feb 7, 2019

    Love my fenix5s Laura. The swimming can be slightly off but all the research I have done suggests it’s down to bad technique 😂

  • @littlelauraruns 10:15 AM Feb 7, 2019

    Thanks @clarejessbryan I’m going to be screwed on that one then!!🤣

  • @mystickiss2000 5:53 PM Feb 7, 2019

    The fénix does look good if you can stomach the cost!

  • @littlelauraruns 7:21 PM Feb 7, 2019

    @mystickiss2000 I know it’s so pretty isn’t it😍....I could use it as an everyday watch!

  • @littlelauraruns 7:27 PM Feb 7, 2019

    @jenniespil thanks, that’s another vote for a 935! X

  • @denoedin 1:19 AM Feb 8, 2019

    try forerunner 935xt