Check it out! 🖤⌚️ I just got this beauty in the mail today & I am SO excited to use it. The first thing I noticed about my new Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music was how insanely light it is!!! I am not sure how something so light has so many amazing features!
▪️ It has room for up to 500 songs for phone-free listening or can connect to many of your favorite music apps! 🎶
▪️ You can leave your wallet at home! It has a digital wallet so you can make purchases right through your watch with Garmin Pay! 💳
▪️ Wrist heart rate monitor. 💓
▪️ Multi-sport, including swimming! 🏊🏼‍♀️
▪️ Weather display! ☀️🌧⚡️ Perfect for when you’re planning a run!
& that’s not even all! 🤩 Those are just some of the things I love most about it! I can’t wait to take this bad boy out for a run!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️
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  • @2c_ocr 22 February, 2019

    Nice! 👏👏

  • @breaking5 19 February, 2019

    How are you liking it so far. I got one as well and have noticed that if it’s cloudy or bad weather it doesn’t really work. Curious as to your experience so far.

  • @moms2miles 8 February, 2019

    I have this watch and I like it. I do have a hard time in this cold weather double tapping the screen with my gloves/mittens for laps. But I like the display and I'm saving up for some Bluetooth headphones and can't wait to try the music feature.

  • @swimst0807 8 February, 2019

    So awesome!

  • @bpolensky 7 February, 2019

    I need to upgrade my @garminfitness forerunner 230 so bad! Soon!

  • @cobb2208 7 February, 2019

    Oooooo la la!!!!! 😍

  • @garminfitness 7 February, 2019


  • @spottedturkey 7 February, 2019

    I’m I’m so jealous!!!!! You are so lucky!!!!

  • @roque305miamirunner 7 February, 2019


  • @crzy_ndn 7 February, 2019

    Been using that for a while now and I love it

  • @eatsbyaustin 7 February, 2019


  • @torishea 7 February, 2019

    Did you like it on your first run??

  • @runner_jess_ 7 February, 2019

    Looks like multi sport feature is a sign you're ready for a tri 😉

  • @bradfitdad 7 February, 2019

    What's your thoughts on this ?

  • @jeph.runs.wincity 7 February, 2019

    My birthday is coming up......😉

  • @tedhillatl 7 February, 2019

    So cool! That onboard music would be so clutch.

  • @jakelusk4 7 February, 2019


  • @chelseylovestorun 7 February, 2019

    Oh yay how exciting!!! Enjoy it girl! I've heard great things about it!