🎲 #VegasOnABudget 🎰. * Greetings from Sin City! Earlier @acatcalledava mentioned they are Heading out this way sometime next Month so I thought I'd give everyone Some tips on saving a little bit of Money when visiting the City of Lost Wages 😹 first and foremost, a Lot of hotels have a shuttle which will Take you from/ to the airport so no need To Uber, but if you must Uber, the first Thing that an Uber driver will ask you is If you need to stop to a liquor store or a Dispensary (I know convenient right?) This Is bcoz they get $15-20 from these places If they take you there. Opt for a grocery Store instead to get your liquor and there Are cheaper dispensaries as well. Most Casinos have other properties, for ex; Cesar's properties include: Bally's, Bellagio, etc. They have free shuttle to take u to each of their properties. If you have Southwest Points, you can get a room for as little as $35 per night. Don't Sit by a bar when playing slots, waitresses Will ignore u. There's free parking at the Tropicana casino, convenient walk to MGM, Bellagio, etc. Ellis Island has great Steak Special for $9.99 again closed to The Strip & several great affordable meals As well. Always ask if there's a discount for AARP, Triple A card holders 🎰😻🎲. . Happy Trails! 🎲😻🎰 #hades #cat #cats #travel #traveltips #TravelCheap 🐾 #vegas #vegaslife #vegastravel #luxuryonabudget #sincity #cheaptravel #tipsandtricks #vegaslocals #travelgram #lasvegassign #visitvegas #catstagram #instatravel #tipsfromlocals #dontgetrippedoff #adoptdontshop #paws #vegasbaby #caturday

Las Vegas, Nevada



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    Do you know if any of the casinos have cat friendly accommodation? Just curious. We stayed at New York New York and had an awesome time and just walked everywhere (needed to after all the food we ate 😹) β™₯️

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    @catexplorer.community no, but my old law firm used to give us stay cation packages all the time both in Vegas and mesquite (about thirty miles from the city towards Utah, beautiful golf course) so if I was in a motel I'd sneak in my late cat Zeus with me, I had a cardboard for litterbox and a small bag of litter, I'd put the do not disturb sign and we'd go about our vacation... He didn't walk in a leash but I had a duffel carrier for him, he also went everywhere with me... A friend of mine used to sneak her kitten in at Bellagio and Cesar's... As an attorney, I am in no way condoning this behaviour but will defend it pro bono πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚