One of my travel goals was to explore Southeast Asia while living in Hawaii. When we first moved here I felt fortunate to travel with my family to the other islands. Being extended in Hawaii was really a blessing because I had hoped to also take my family to Australia as well as take my daughter to Japan. Hawaii is extremely expensive and it can be a challenging for many families who have moved here to explore. One thing I would like for you to take away is you have to make your travel your own. Do what works for you, your family, and your budget. A lot of people we met didn’t have the means to travel and that is ok. But never ever feel guilty because you can do something someone else can’t. There are blessings with everyone’s name on them and what’s for you will come in due time. So relax, continue to enjoy life, love on your family, and show them the world. My family definitely deserves the world and I’ll do whatever I have to do to give it to them.❤️ If it’s your wish I hope you are fortunate to do the same. . . . . #Travel #Wanderlust #TravelInspo #ExploreAsia #DarlingEscapes #TravelGoals #SoloFemaleTraveler #FamilyTravel #WomenWhoTravel #IGTravel #Vacation #Inspiration #TravelTheWorld #TravelBlogger #TravelBlog #CEO #Entreprenuer #TravelPhotography #SheIsWildlyFree




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