🇬🇧 🚪La Puerta Falsa, one of the oldest food establishments in Bogota, has been serving patrons for over two centuries (first opened in 1816). This small eatery, steps away from Plaza de Bolivar and just around the corner from the Cathedral, has enough room to sit no more than 20 people. Its menu options are not large, but it is well famous for some of the best ajiaco and tamales within Bogotan territory. Tamales are generally made of corn or rice dough, chickpeas, chicken, pork belly, egg, and vegetables. The ingredients are then wrapped in a plantain leaf and steamed in a huge pot for several hours. Ajiaco, on the other hand, is a soup made with the reduction of three varieties of potatoes and a special herb called guasca. It is served with corn on the cob, shredded chicken, capers and a dash of double cream. This small business has been in the hands of the same family for more than 8 generations and has witnessed some of the wildest moments in the history of the Colombian country, such as the Bogotazo, the day when Jorge Eliecer Gaitan was killed in 1948 or the “Palacio de Justicia” siege in 1985. La Puerta Falsa means The False Door and story goes that when the restaurant first opened, it had no name. However, across the street there was a Cathedral’s side door which in religious architecture is called a false door. With the time, people would use this “false door” as a reference or meeting point for the small eatery nearby and thus it has kept this name ever since. Bogotá. December 2018 #40chasingfreedom #bogota🇨🇴 #foodporn #comidacolombiana #lapuertafalsa #worldcaptures #colombiantravellers

La Puerta Falsa