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5:49 AM Jan 12, 2019
#Repost @teresa_ambrosio_com • • • THIS IS A PRODUCT 100% NATURAL🍃, NO CHEMICALS🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️! . Let's talk about real science rather than scientific propaganda or misinformation. This is a picture of my friend acetic acid⚛, and as you guys can see the safety label says that it's flammable🔥 and corrosive. You might think "I would never eat/touch that🚫". Wrong! You eat almost every day because it's one of the main components of vinegar. If you really don't want to use any chemical, then you better stop drinking 🚱and eating🚷 because the good news is that everything on this planet and beyond is a chemical. Even water is a chemical compound with formula H2O💧. Water is the safest thing on earth but you might be surprised that there is a case reported of a chap who died for intoxication from water☣ (waut?) . When you read on labels "argan oil shampoo 100% natural" "sandal oil cream 100% natural", does it mean that the oil comes straight from the plant 🌾and cosmetic companies put it in the box as it is? Not a change. They use the extract of the plant and transform it into the final product using a chemical process. Natural it's wrongly used to make a difference between plant-derivatives 🌵and crude oil-derivatives🏗. But wait a moment, are fossil fuels non-natural compounds? They have originated on this planet 60 million ago during the Carboniferous. Basically, they have been on earth🌍 long before humans would come to destroy it. They are natural compounds indeed. The correct wording to make a difference between plant-derivatives and crude oil-derivatives would be coming from sustainable feedstocks ♻️rather than non-renewable ones (crude oil). Before talking BS about chemistry please think! And please remember that the statement "100% natural is a lie". Companies like to deceive you because this is how they get your 💲💲into their pockers. Sad but true. #featurethechemistry #realscience #fakenews #chemistry #cosmetics #pharma #natural #plants #fashion #sustainablefashion #sustainability #globalgoals #globalhealth #science #scicomm #stem #scientist #phdstudent #phdlife #gradlife #information #communication #criticalthinking #fossilfuel #arganoil

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