Such an awesome first week back to school! I’m exhausted but exhilarated! STEAM 101 is such a blast to teach! I have so many students from all walks of life and yet they are coming together and working as a team to do amazing things! As a first-day, team builder activity (and yet still STEAM learning) students had to engineer a chair prototype for the mannequin. Then students shared out about their process and how they envision their final prototype. This was an excellent activity to introduce STEAM, introduce new vocabulary, build collaboration & communication, and begin to show students the Design Thinking Process! Be on the lookout this weekend for a full post on my website with this lesson plan information. #thesteminist #stem #steam #stemeducation #steameducation #stemteacher #steamteacher #designthinking #lessonplans #highschool #teacher #teachersofinstagram #prototype



  • @tclinton28 6:16 AM Jan 12, 2019

    These are great!!

  • @nashekah 1:00 AM Jan 13, 2019

    Love it!!

  • @steam_explorers 3:35 AM Jan 13, 2019

    Wow !!! Love this chair project!!! How old were the students?

  • @the_steminist.org_ 4:15 AM Jan 13, 2019

    @steam_explorers Thanks! I did this with my high school students (9th-12th). I think you could easily do this with younger students as well. 😁