3d printing timelapse of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona Spain! Took me a few attempts but the result is amazing, by far the most detailed print i've done on a FDM printer. super cool model by the talented @miniworld3d . . . . . #stem #arduino #inventor #electronics #instatech #gadgets #machinelearning #3dprint #3dprinter #designdaily #mechanicalengineering #industrialdesigner #prototyping #makerspace #canadianmade #madeincanda #wildrosebuilds #fusion360 #cnc #engineering #cncmachining #cncmachine #motioncontrol #engineer #robot #robotics #stopmotion #design #architecturelovers #architectureporn



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    @juansalinas0v0 yo más❤

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    I want this 😫😫

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    How does this feel is it like paper?

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    @atryfonidou en to idio printer me to diko mou 😍😍

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    @alhoud22 omg wowzers

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    This is so amazing to watch.

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    @408.destinee feels like plastic!

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    @nick_masino10 no supports on this one!

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    @username1185 about 20

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    @james_ronaldson123 wow

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    @ypunto73 wow

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    @netoboulhosa hi! It is a compilation of photos taken after each layer with the extruder in the same spot every time

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    🙌🙌🙌🙌 Let’s get that half million !!! @wildrosebuilds 🎉

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    @shugama3d 👌🏻

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    @miniworld3d Ah! Beauty! Got it thanks

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    @sallyrj_ it was about 23 hours

  • @miniworld3d 20 hours ago

    @eiramyzzi proooobably PLA

  • @miniworld3d 20 hours ago

    @bittercandies exactly!

  • @miniworld3d 20 hours ago

    @violet_percussion it does move, this just shows a snapshot after each layer, put together and sped up

  • @miniworld3d 20 hours ago

    @tyler_case_1 it does move, it’s just a snapshot after each layer, all added up and sped up

  • @miniworld3d 20 hours ago

    @lizachao @kentangy it does move but it’s edited out, we just see a frame after each layer is done, when the extruder goes to the same spot - all added up and sped up. Total print time was about 23 hours

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    It’s not like that but nice work

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    @miniworld3d oh my goodness!! Wow that’s amazing!

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    @idan_glaser של אבוש?🤪

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    חחחחחחחחחחחחחח @noamamit_

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    @noamamit_ לא נראלי

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    What's the polymer your printing with?

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    @miniworld3d ohh okay sick thanks!

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    How many time it wasted?

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    @kaley.wisner we went there

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    @ava.wisnerr you’re right it was hOt

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    My dumbass thought it was gonna be hogwarts ;-;

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    24 hours? Damn.

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    @wildrosebuilds lol 😂 I like your humor and time lapses