*AEROD_5611* ( @aerod_5611 )

12:49 AM Jan 12, 2019
FUNDRAISER TIME!!! We’re raffling off a few items so we can raise money for Adam Jr to go to New York & Boston with S.T.E.M in June! I accept Apple Pay (message me for phone #) I’m on Venmo app & I have the cash app! We can’t pass up this opportunity of a life time for him. Reach out if you’re interested in joining in on the raffle, it’s greatly appreciated! #stem #newyork #boston #educational #iwanttogo



  • @aerod_5611 12:51 AM Jan 12, 2019

    You can also click the link and pay through there it goes straight to his school account! I need to know if you pay through the link so I can add you to raffle. Thanks!