Finally got my photos approved by @nasa from my visit to the @nasawebb clean room back in November. Once in space this telescope will be able to look further back into our universe than ever before to the Dark Ages of the early universe, more than 13billion years ago. There, Webb will be able to image the first galaxies that ever existed and see the formation of the first stars. Helping us to answer really fundamental questions, such as Where did we come from? Why do we exist? and What will happen to the universe? Unlike other space telescopes it won’t be based in orbit around Earth. Instead it will be placed beyond the Moon, at a point known as L2. This is a position where an ‘accident’ of gravity means that Webb will stay in a fixed position relative to the Earth and the Sun. Placing a space telescope there is a HUGE feat of engineering. Massive thanks to @northropgrumman for hosting this special visit in LA back in November 2018. #nasawebb

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    Unbelievable! How exciting.

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    Do you know Professor Brian Cox then?

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    Can’t wait until this Webb is up there doing it’s thing! Going to be a game changer!

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    I know where I come from 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Thats incredible 13 billion years!

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    Approx. How many light years is the universe across.. ? 🤔

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    how many universes are there?

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    It's lunch on space was so many times delayed that I started to wonder if it is done by purpose or not... Can you tell us more about that cause you've got the insights!

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