Here’s a doozie I had to deal with the last few days. I had my professionalism questioned (see email last slide) after I found a brand new metal roof system that was not installed properly and would clearly leak causing serious damage to the home. I even inserted a picture into my report of how to properly install the roof so water couldn’t get over the top edge of the roof surface from an ice dam. This home has a low slope roof and is in Squamish where is clearly snows! I provided pictures in the report of all the deficiencies and I still got an email saying “while I am certain your inspector did the best job he could, it seems he may have commented on some thing beyond his level of expertise and outside his professional scope”. So if inspecting roofs is outside my professional scope what am I doing there? My client walked away thank heavens, anyone with commons sense can see that this roof will leak.

Squamish, British Columbia