Alain Gonzalez ( @musclemonsters )

3:12 PM Nov 19, 2018
THE 4 BEST SUPPLEMENTS by @kruckifitness - There are so many different supplements out there. But in the grand scheme of things, there’s really only about 4 that I’d say have a significant effect on muscle building. - The first one is WHEY PROTEIN. Whey is a great and convenient way to help hit your protein goals every day. FOREWARNING: It won’t help you magically build muscle! You gotta hit your protein numbers and be in a caloric surplus in order to do that, and whey simply makes the process of doing doing that a bit easier. The second one is CREATINE. This is easily one of the most effective, proven to work muscle building supplements. It’s helps increase strength and improve anaerobic capacity, along with boosting ATP, and you only need to take 3-5g/day. Where many people go wrong is they overuse it, consuming like 15-20g a day, and this just leads to more water weight gain. The next one is CAFFEINE. Caffeine is a true gift. It’ll help increase your mood, energy and enhance your cognitive function. It can really help improve your workouts if you take it before. Try to take around 100-400mg preworkout, and you’ll be ready to go in and kill it. The last one is BETA-ALANINE. It helps increase endurance, which can help you get that "extra rep", which would hence increase strength, and it also helps fight fatigue. Normally 3-5g preworkout is more than enough. FOREWARNING: BETA-ALANINE WILL GIVE YOU MAD TINGLES WHEN YOU TAKE IT. - What’s your favorite supplement of the 4? Let me know in the comments! - #supplements  #proteinpowder  #caffeineaddict  #betaalanine #muscle  #musclebuilding  #gainmuscle  #musclegains #musclemania  #gymmemes  #musclefood  #wheyprotein #strengthtraining  #strengthandconditioning  #gainmuscle #gains💪  #fitnesslife  #fitnessfreaks  #fitnesstips  #gymflo #gymshark  #fitnessboy  #creatine  #workouts #workoutroutine  #workouts  #goodworkout  #gotothegym #bodybuildinglifestyle  #bodybuildinglife



  • @mr.bigglezworth 12:40 AM Nov 21, 2018

    @sascha_schiphorst brilliant

  • @aliens_on_mars 2:32 AM Nov 21, 2018


  • @thetoolshow 2:46 AM Nov 21, 2018

    None of the above.. all have too many cons (if used on a regular basis)

  • @anthony.1760 5:06 AM Nov 21, 2018

    What does creatine do to you? My brother gave me some like in the summer. I've been seeing a lot of results in strength and size. I'm just curious and pay very attention to what I put in my body. Only supps I take is whey, vitaminas and creatine. All I heard is that our body produces creatine

  • @kiran.goossens 10:36 AM Nov 21, 2018


  • @glimpse_of_stef 2:35 PM Nov 21, 2018

    Citrilline malate

  • @glimpse_of_stef 2:37 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @statmonkey it’s water retention you don’t need creatine this is garbage... if it has 6grams of citrilline malate you’ll get a better pump real blood flow rather than creatine with the water pump

  • @glimpse_of_stef 2:39 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @quocnguyen18 creatine is just a water pump it water retention. Get a prework out that have 3grams beta alinine and 6grams citrilline malate

  • @juandapine12 3:34 PM Nov 21, 2018

    Can beta-alanine help me to increase volume? I mean i what to go on lifting on an heavy range, but i want to do more exercises or sets

  • @kearshang 5:06 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @dean_henry007 yu were right bru

  • @statmonkey 5:10 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @glimpse_of_stef ya I was taking it and really did not see any gains in my CrossFit performance or on my gym days. Now a good pre-workout and BCCA’s give me a good energy boost (which I need after working 12 hours) and the BCCAs seem to cut my recovery time

  • @statmonkey 5:13 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @sascha_schiphorst a little of both... mostly just gaining weight which is frustrating when I’m trying to lose weight, I have lost 42lbs and gaining 5 lbs when I’m working out has hard as I am (and not seeing my muscle % go up) is frustrating

  • @frankschrank1 6:20 PM Nov 21, 2018

    Beta alanine does exactly SHIT

  • @csaaart3 6:25 PM Nov 21, 2018

    I'd call that bs...

  • @assimilation_official 7:11 PM Nov 21, 2018


  • @unseen.nativeson 8:03 PM Nov 21, 2018

    WPI is not better or more beneficial than WPC.

  • @keystonep_ 8:52 PM Nov 21, 2018

    That or natural genetics and hard work🤙🏾💪🏾

  • @danielberglunddd 9:53 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @sascha_schiphorst The Butcher (who’s a quite hardcore swedish pwo) has like 3300 mg in it, so yh I can’t imagine 10g

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  • @sascha_schiphorst 10:25 PM Nov 21, 2018

    @danielberglunddd haha me neither. Doenst sound like a nice experience 👀

  • @keystonep_ 11:16 PM Nov 21, 2018

    That or natural genetics and hard work🤙🏾💪🏾

  • @gingell_v5 11:56 PM Nov 21, 2018

    1. Milk protein not whey 2. Calcium/magnesium/iron 3. Creatine 4. BCAA

  • @erikd.nelson 8:11 AM Nov 22, 2018

    Focus on the whey isolate, not concentrate! 💪🏻

  • @iainmain 7:29 PM Nov 22, 2018


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  • @_llamababy 12:01 AM Nov 24, 2018

    @daniva80 l-theanine can help lessen the side effects of caffeine such as anxiety

  • @chrisksar 4:11 AM Nov 24, 2018

    Who tf takes 400 mg of caffeine

  • @deadkingsonly 5:24 AM Nov 24, 2018


  • @daniva80 9:00 AM Nov 24, 2018

    @_llamababy thank you😊

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  • @omkar_bobde 9:41 AM Nov 25, 2018

    And what is citrulline malate is for

  • @zalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1:14 PM Nov 25, 2018


  • @tiw_fold_path 9:24 PM Nov 26, 2018

    Do you have to take a supplement before you take a shit? Are there pre supplement supplements?

  • @mr_a_c_e_ 3:07 PM Nov 27, 2018

    Thoughts on ‘normal’ creatine mh v gaspari sizeon (intra)?

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  • @secret_mantra 1:33 PM Dec 2, 2018

    Your Brain is your Big Asset..

  • @palewill 11:57 PM Dec 9, 2018

    @al94di depends on method of ingestion. Syringe and nasal are fastest. A cup of coffee orally will take a few days to kick in.

  • @ryandkeimom 1:31 AM Dec 10, 2018

    @grocerycroppers what you think

  • @grocerycroppers 3:42 AM Dec 10, 2018

    @ryandkeimom I don't trust it, those same things can be accomplished with fruits and veggies

  • @walkered1110 3 days ago

    Eat great, train hard. Thats it!