( @modern_mosey )

2:19 PM Nov 17, 2018
My last two weeks on the road have been a blast, but it's already time for another job! A rock strike cracked my windshield, and the Red Scare is almost due for a selection of regular maintenance work, so I'll be hangin out in San Diego for a few months just banging these beach hobos until it's time for RTR #bestlife 😎 #vanlife #realvanlife #vanlifediaries #homeiswhereyouparkit #hipsterorhomeless #rubbertramp #campervan #boondocking #stealthvan #citycamp #vannin

Anza Borrego Desert State Park



  • @el_vandito_rojo 4:05 PM Nov 17, 2018

    We will see you down there in a month or so.

  • @modern_mosey 4:07 PM Nov 17, 2018

    @el_vandito_rojo nice! You guys are headed to SD? I'm digging it so far, haven't done any mingling with other vandwellers yet but parking is pretty easy to find

  • @hodgepodgemcrattlecan 4:55 PM Nov 17, 2018

    I'll be watching to see when you head out there. Thinking about going and would like to meet some of the cool peeps I follow.

  • @el_vandito_rojo 4:57 PM Nov 17, 2018

    Yeah were house sitting for her sister in mission Viejo and have some friends in SD so we will be in the area for awhile. SD is alot of fun for sure.

  • @modern_mosey 7:28 PM Nov 17, 2018

    @el_vandito_rojo I'm digging it so far. I was born up the coast a ways but I never got to live here so I'm stoked to be in town

  • @modern_mosey 7:29 PM Nov 17, 2018

    @hodgepodgemcrattlecan yeah man I'm with you there. I'm excited to check it out, meet some folks and see what kinda jobs are available at the tent

  • @roadwarriors360 3:45 AM Nov 19, 2018

    Great photos! We're looking for travelers to feature. Info on profile. JR