• @karel_bergia 3 March, 2019

    Feminism is about gender equality. It's called that way because the point is to let women have the same rights and opportunities as men, since that's not the case yet. Men activism is a part of feminism. We're fighting for your rights too. I can't wait for the moment you'll finally understand that.

  • @feminists_take_a_stand 27 February, 2019

    With her logic we’d be in a bad place. We already are but at least feminists aren’t really like that

  • @dissapointment_to_my_parents 26 February, 2019

    U realise feminism is about gender equality for both sexes and not making woman dominant

  • @_marko.m33__ 1 February, 2019

    @_mxnjimxn_ £9000 wage gap? Please say what job is that because this is the funniest thing I've heard?

  • @cbshelton_ 1 February, 2019

    excuse you? read all of it before you jump to conclusions, and most rapes are never even reported.

  • @hollyadams2704 25 January, 2019

    Not 👏 all 👏 feminists 👏 are 👏 like 👏 this👏