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  • @red__pill 6:05 AM Nov 16, 2018

    Feminism is a religion . They just believe themselves

  • @redlionesv 6:59 AM Nov 16, 2018

    Sounds about right

  • @saint.raghu 7:47 AM Nov 16, 2018

    @red__pill More like a cult

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  • @joel.farris72 5:17 PM Nov 16, 2018

    My sisters once called me that and then walked away crying.

  • @sunlitvegan 5:22 PM Nov 17, 2018

    For real...unfortunately. 😒I mean, how can you be about equal rights, except for men? 🤔 I mean what about our sons? That’s the example you want to set? Jeez!Seriously people?

  • @welt_gangsters 7:43 PM Nov 17, 2018

    Follow me please

  • @puta_magic 9:55 AM Nov 24, 2018

    I've never seen this conversation ever happen in my life

  • @firenkyo 9:16 PM Nov 24, 2018

    okay good post

  • @vegeta100dokkan 11:05 AM Dec 5, 2018

    @puta_magic me neither I’ve seen a buzzfeed article made about a man who disagreed with some dumb bitch though.

  • @aesthetic.qu.een 4:08 PM Dec 7, 2018

    Feminism is also about men's rights cause its about equality between both genders but unfortunetly some people dont get that and thats what is the difference between misandrists and feminists

  • @cbshelton_ 4:17 PM Dec 7, 2018

    men already have rights??? that’s the whole point of feminism

  • @killian.seamus 8:27 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @cbshelton_ so do women

  • @cbshelton_ 10:00 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @killian.seamus women still don’t have rights equal to men, as well as being undermined and thought of as less than a man. women are not believed when they tell the truth either. it’s not all about legal rights.

  • @killian.seamus 10:04 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @cbshelton_ name one legal right not given to women. Also, they are believed more than they should be. All rape accusations ruin a person's life, and women know this. They use that to destroy the lives of men they don't like.

  • @cbshelton_ 10:55 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @killian.seamus women don’t make rape accusations to ruin lives, women don’t benefit from making them, they do it to not have people who take advantage of women in office or positions of power. it makes people angry at them and they earn no fame or money. and i said it’s not about legal rights. you say it ruins a man’s life but what about a woman’s? it makes her terrified and hurt for something she never asked for. an extremely low percentage of rape accusations are false.

  • @killian.seamus 10:59 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @cbshelton_ there are literally thousands upon thousands of examples of women doing it. It is a result of the fact of when a man is accused of rape, innocent or not, his life is instantly ruined. Also, i noticed you didn't include an example of the supposed rights that women don't have.

  • @cbshelton_ 11:09 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @killian.seamus i literally just said that it’s moral rights over legal and not being treated equally. our president has been quoted that you have to “grab women by the p***y.” only 2% of rapes that are reported are false. 63% sexual assault cases are never reported. a man in power would rather cover up his mistakes rather than a woman come forward to state she has been assaulted.

  • @killian.seamus 11:11 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @cbshelton_ *10 percent

  • @cbshelton_ 11:13 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @killian.seamus 2-10 percent. you went with the highest and i went with the lowest to suit the individual argument. that’s still 90 percent or higher of reported cases of sexual assault that are true.

  • @killian.seamus 11:16 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @cbshelton_ and it dosn't change the fact that it still happens. Just like rape, it ruins lives. Rape dosn't happen very often, and even less does false rape accusations. They both are terrible. But if you want to falsely accuse someone of rape for personal or political reasons, you are human filth.

  • @cbshelton_ 11:20 PM Dec 7, 2018

    @killian.seamus sure it happens, but don’t assume (as i won’t assume they’re true) that the well known cases are false. and rape happens all the time. it happens every 98 seconds. i will agree with you that people who falsely accuse are bad people, but so are those who deny it when it’s true.

  • @babyfaceassassin22 6 days ago

    @sunlitvegan ur absolutely right.

  • @omcbravo 5 days ago

    Huge exaggeration

  • @bridgetmcbride7 5 days ago

    @aesthetic.qu.een exactly