I pre-ordered this book a while back. I love any book by @lysaterkeurst and I figured at that time, this would just be the next book of hers I’d read. So I tossed it in my cart and checked out without giving it much thought.
Fast forward to Wednesday. This book arrived on my doorstep and I finally took a second glance at the subtitle of this book, β€œfinding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered.”
Life has been difficult lately. There are desires in my heart that God has yet to bring to fruition (and might never, though I pray He does) and I struggle daily with the frustration, hurt, anger, and disappointment from this unmet desire. πŸ’”
It really so humbling for God to provide us what we need at just the right time. And that He knew that Lysa needed to write this book and share her story.
This is just a tiny reminder of the massive love our Father has for His children, and of the plans He has for us, and that He is there with us every step of the way.
#itsnotsupposedtobethisway #lysaterkeurst

Austin, Texas