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Ok because my phone is 100 years old it kept messing up witch is why there is no chapter 26 ( I’m a mess today 👍) • • • • • It was Christmas Eve I said bye to my dad since he always works on Christmas witch is sad but I’ve gotten used to it, I walked around to Daniels. D: HAPPY CHRISTMAS. So apparently he loves Christmas. Y/n: really a Santa hat ? He laughed Y/n: you ready. D: yeah Jonah will be two seconds. Jonah tumbled down the stairs. J: ok, ok I think maybe I have everything. Y/n: you don’t sound so sure. J: yeah I’m not, I’ll be in the car. He handed me a half pack of Oreos Y/n: huh ? J: happy Christmas, I got hungry. He ran to the car. D: you’ll get your present on Christmas. Y/n: yeah same here. We got into the car and drove to Jess’s house. I got out and ran to the door, when she came out she wasn’t her usual bubbly self. Y/n: everything ok? Js: boys suck. I hugged her I had no clue what happened but I could see she just wanted to forget about it so I left it. And finally we drove to my mams house. When we got their we took the bags out from the back and went to the door, when she came out she screamed. M: HELLO YOU MUST BE DANIEL, COME ON IN WE WILL HAVE A NICE CHAT. He nervously laughed being tugged inside. Y/n: oh no We all walked in, there was a man standing in the hall. ?: welcome back y/n! Y:n: sorry who are you ? ?: I’m mike. I looked at Daniel, this is who Alice was talking about. Y/n: do you know anyone called Alice? M: she’s my daughter, do you know her ? Y/n: we’ve talked now and then. I looked at Daniel getting worried. Y/n: how do you know my mam ? My mam walked over to him and rested her hand in his shoulder. That’s when I realised and engagement ring on her her finger. D & y/n: oh sh*t... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #invitationtour #invitationtour2018 #wdwmemes #wdw #wdwimagines #wdwedits #whydontwe #whydontweedits #whydontweimagines #whydontwememes #8letters #8letterstour



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