Happy customers always come back! White Mazda we recently worked on has returned – and brought 2 ‘friends’! X StarLine’s 6th generation hybrid tracking devices - #StarLineM66 were installed on this mini-fleet's Mazdas. X M66 has been described a SENSATION. It is totally unique in terms of performance and features. This package is just UNBELIEVABLE; it offers exceptional VALUE that you will absolutely not get anywhere else. There’s no product/offer on the market today that could possibly match this. Not even close! X High-precision premium #VehicleTracking services online in real-time – FREE?? 😮You read that right! 😌 X No monthly subscription, no contracts, no renewals, no small print – it’s FREE FOR LIFE with the purchase and installation of the device. X Hassle-free professional service. Suitable for personal and commercial use. And there's more! X M66 is not your typical tracker. It comes with StarLine’s advanced #CarTelematics, is #BluetoothsSmart and #iCAN ready - it serves as a premium #IMMOBILISER system also -- built-in anti-theft protection based on the latest technologies such as automatic driver recognition via their pre-paired smartphone or optional BT radiotag, as well as manual engine unlocking by entering a PIN on car’s native dash buttons. Protects against physical key theft. Also features road-legal #AntiHijack mode, valet mode, status indication, adjustable security and comfort settings, #GeoZones, mileage and fuel level control, and more! Supports multidimensional engine lockdown w/ #Hoodlock control. X WOW, wait a minute. And this tiny device is capable of all this? And these services are really free for life? YES! That’s right! X And that’s STILL not all! ;) X In addition: M66 supports StarLine’s famed SmartDriving and SmartDiagnostics services. Free driving safety evaluation and OBD-II error reading and automatic owner notification. Invaluable for fleet owners/managers, and an excellent way to ensure that you save big – whether on fleet or personal car maintenance. X BECAUSE SMART PEOPLE MAKE SMART CHOICES! 😌 X #StarLineUK #StarLine4Mazda #MazdaUK #CarSecuritity #CarTracking #CarTrackingUK #GPSCarTracking #CarSecurity