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12:53 AM Oct 21, 2018
Follow @shaunfox_raic for real time investment advice The big secret to becoming a 💲💲 millionaire is🕰 time, time is the biggest currency you have, we spend time now so that we can have as much of it as we want later. Here is the math for you. You have 3 lots of 8 hours in your day. 8 hours = "life maintenance" work paycheck, this pays for your lifestyle and staying alive costs 8 hours = "future fund" income from other job or self employment, this is what gets you in front 8 hours = sleep and family time If you are not in the financial position that you want to be in then you should not have any "down time" or "me time" midweek. That's what weekends are for. Break the "poor man" mentality and become the "rich man". As you reach your goal you change your math, now you have more time to fo the things that are fun. #investingtips #valueinvesting #propertyinvesting #investingforus #moneymoneymoney #moneyhungry #like4like #millionaire #thoughtleadership #thoughtleaders #passiveincomeinvesting #passiveincomestream #financialfreedom #financialeducation #financialhelp #invest #successquotes #wealthbuilding #motivationalquotes #businessideas #entrepreneurtips #startupgrind #entrepreneur101 #stepstosuccess



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    Time management is so important. It makes you secure, punctual and disciplined. The mindset to become a true winner. I also guess that most people will focus on point 1 and 2 but do not underestimate the family factor. If your partner and kids are no happy because they do not see you, you will be troubled all the way without a clear mind. Love the post Shaun, keep them coming!

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