I posted two photos.. because the second one is me.. when I don’t look like the first one. The equalizer. Keep it real ppl



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    Maybe help

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    @joseph.hendo I love how you commented on your own comment. Asking for help from yourself

  • @george_ahhh 9:28 PM Nov 6, 2018

    @joseph.hendo ps. I’ll help u hendo

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    @george_ahhh but first one is on fleaaaaak with that floral pattern!! We discussed this already

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    So beautiful

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    Rock on😀👍💖

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    Thé looks are so natural ! Beautiful ...

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    you are beautiful anyway 🔥

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    Gorgeous ❤️ @george_ahhh

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    The 2nd one is the cuter of the two ;)

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    I think I'm in love

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    wow sooo cute😍, very nice post🤗. have a nice time 😉

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    Such a dope sweater!!

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    Love it ❤️ 💪

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    Daaaaaaang georgia!! Definitely one of the prettiest ladies around! 🙌🏻

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    Annnndddd I just tried to swipe right 😂👍

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    It has been quite some time since my last message Miss Georgia. I thank you for all the kind and lovely things you wrote to me when I sent messages of support during your most downtrodden moments. I am glad that I was able to provide you with a proverbial umbrella during your emotional storm caused by that person whom you loved so unconditionally and without concern for your heart or soul. By the look of the most recent NFL waiver wire, I can ONLY conclude as I wrote to you in the past and you so GRACIOUSLY commented on how my thoughts and commentary found solace and peace in your heart during your MOST difficult of times and moments...THAT KARMA IS a Beyotch as they say on collegiate campuses or in my doctoral corporate world "Karma always wields a TWO-WAY sword!" By that it is meant that when one is seeking to stab you in the back at your weakest, most vulnerable or most inopportune time, they are left to realize and discover at a future date that the same effort and energy used to harm you with the "KARMA SWORD of deception and lies" would also SOON stab, harm, and DESTROY them and their personal dreams and career aspirations as well!! Professional agents said emphatically that NO NFL team was willing to even trade a 7th round draft pick for the unnamed guy so after eight weeks the team simply cut him!! I guess the horrific fumbles he continued to be tormented by at the worst possible moments for his former team had something to do with that managerial decision. He was a second-round pick just a few years prior, so not even garnering a 7th round draft pick in return at a time in this season when so many NFL teams are in dire and desperate needs for running backs and kick and punt returners as my male football friends tell me is atrocious and representative of how far his stock and NFL value has fallen! I must admit as a lady I am not that immersed in the sports world of the NFL.

  • @barcelonathepoodle 9:18 AM Nov 9, 2018

    That is why I often tell my corporate clients whom I am a corporate psychologist for that "IT is NOT who laughs FIRST and LOUDEST, but he or she who LAUGHS LAST and MOST OFTEN!!" It is quite APPARENT as I promised you during those stormy times a year and a half ago or so that you would use that period as motivation to achieve unrivaled and unparalleled collegiate track SUCCESS and the unmentioned would have an NFL professional career of dire consequences, dreaded performances, and dubious results!! Guess the unnamed waived running back never thought that was a remote possibility when you traveled to support and cheer for him during his rookie season where you proudly wore his professional jersey only to be abandoned before your soon to be great track season. My, my, my how the tables have turned. Do not be surprised if and when you get a phone call, a private DM, or an email asking for or better yet, begging for a meeting!! Those groupies or others who cheered when the sun was shining on his career have long since "abandoned" him or soon will as his career continues to implode!! I told you prophetically at that time during your nights and days of tears that this day would indeed come and most importantly for you to please remain patient and that prediction did manifest itself as the demise of his career that I predicted would happen has occurred. I also correctly told you his actions and lack of foresight, empathy, sympathy, care, kindness, and compassion towards you would come back to haunt him and that such emotional and mental cruelty displayed by him to you in such an undignified manner would have repercussions. I know you will not relish or applaud his failures but this result only reinforces the old adage that GOOD THINGS do happen to GOOD people, which you are and for him...well being a fourth-string running back on an atrocious team this year and no other team even being willing to trade for him was such the epitome and definition of KARMA!!!

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    Love me @george_ahhh

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    How you are so beautiful?😅❤️

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    I'm liking that outfit

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    Lovely ❤️

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    Do you have a bf?

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    They are all the real you and you are a stunning person! My goodness! Your beauty brightens this universe 💖💖💖👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😃🌈

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    Ambas estás cool

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    Gorgeous 😍🔥

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