Here’s a throwback! The first photo shows an elephant I burned about 4 years ago onto a chopping board, and the second one was burned last year onto 3mm plywood. Quite a difference don’t you think?! I still love the design on the left mind! Comparing old pieces with more recent ones really help boost my confidence when looking at how far I’ve come with my art (although I’m still no where near as good as I’d like to one day become!) I’m hoping one day to produce artwork that is as realistic as a photo of the subject itself 😊 #throwback #pastwork #comparison #unique #art #artwork #pastpieces #elephant #pyrography #wood #woodburning



  • @serenmrichards 6:50 PM Sep 24, 2018

    Your work is fab! Very talented💕

  • @chloeswoodcrafts 8:04 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @serenmrichards thank you Ser! 😘