Kevin Kline ( @kevinklxj )

3:36 AM Sep 24, 2018
Coilover install has not gone well unfortunately. Got them in reasonably easily, but when attempting to adjust the ride height, found that the coil seat collar was somehow cross threaded onto the body. Unfortunately probably won't be able to source new ones this week, get them set, get the car aligned before next Sunday so I'm probably going to have to go back to stock suspension for time attack. Kinda bummed. @mw_media Attempting to get it free to no avail. #coilovers #flyinmiata #vmaxx #miata #ppirtimeattack #thatswhatigetforbuyingused



  • @gary_wizz 4:23 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Air chisel them

  • @gary_wizz 4:24 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Or set ride height and stake the adjusters. At this point the shock is prob trashed.

  • @kevinklxj 4:25 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Shock is fine. Collar is destroyed