• @williamsupstatefarming 3:52 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Dude you would think mine garden would be maturing faster... We've had temps drop into low 40s last few nights, and had mid 60s for the highs lately

  • @cali_sungrown_4.2.0 7:03 AM Sep 24, 2018

    @williamsupstatefarming those high to low ranges n that low of temp dips really slows em down

  • @williamsupstatefarming 10:37 AM Sep 24, 2018

    @cali_sungrown_4.2.0 sucks lol I'm soo ready for harvest.. Lol we don't have ling to go we all know in this field patients is def a virtue.

  • @wizardgrowngenetics 3:24 PM Sep 24, 2018

    Your going into flush now yea?😍

  • @cali_sungrown_4.2.0 6:26 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @wizardgrowngenetics yesssir... Wednesday is last food but chamber maids coming down in 2 days 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤗