Today was lonnnng! Neither of us slept great but an 8am start was needed to try and curb the lag. We walked with Bodega-bought iced coffees, from Bushwick to Prospect Park, stopping and snapping along the way until lunch when we filllllled up at Smorgasburg - a food market hosting that incredddible Ramen Burger I'm sure you've heard all about. Spoiler: it was great. We got bikes, I had a panic attack, we walked across Brooklyn Bridge, we found Sephora, I bought ear plugs, our Boat Tour was cancelled, we found the Subway, bought Metro Cards, and came back to the dogs and the Diet Cokes we had the foresight to buy yesterday. All in all, 12 hours, 28,000 steps, and several very painful blisters. Day 2: you were steppy.πŸ‘£πŸπŸ’€ (art by @adamfu) . . . . #beststreets #urbanromantix #facadelovers #chasingfacades #bitsofbuildings #strideby #ericagoesplaces #ejvdoesnyc #newyork_ig #nyc #newyorker #newyorkgram #topnewyorkphoto #timeoutnewyork #icapture_nyc #newyorkcityphoto #humnewyork #nycityfeed #my_newyork #ig_nycity #instanyc #nycprimeshot #loves_NYC #thisisnyc #thisisnewyorkcity #nyloveyou #newyork_instagram #trueyorkcity πŸ“Έ @rebekahlucyjays

Brooklyn, New York



  • @my_brooklyn_nails 1:57 AM Sep 24, 2018

    good πŸ™†

  • @mar_go_mastro 2:47 AM Sep 24, 2018

    This is awesome πŸ‘Œ

  • @newgirlintoon 5:41 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Wow sounds like an eventful day! How incredible is that wall?!

  • @londonkirsty 5:51 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Walking across Brooklyn Bridge is something I have to do every time I’m in NYC πŸ’•

  • @mikebbakery 6:24 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Have fun! I love nyc.

  • @ghenetactually 6:44 AM Sep 24, 2018

    You had me at Bodega iced coffees β˜•

  • @law1sfab 7:08 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Hope you get some more sleep babe, makes everything a little easier. Glad you made the most of the day. Also this photo wow 😍😍🌈

  • @hellothemushroom 7:36 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Good times! Also if I’m not mistaken, the art is by @adamfu

  • @burnessie 8:01 AM Sep 24, 2018

    Ahh this is fantastic art, where abouts in Brooklyn is it? Would love to see on my next trip. Also EVERYONE is in NYC this month I swear!

  • @imbeingerica 12:02 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @newgirlintoon there's so much great art here in Bushwick!

  • @imbeingerica 12:02 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @londonkirsty it was just so bizzzzzzy!

  • @imbeingerica 12:02 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @mikebbakery thanks mate!

  • @imbeingerica 12:03 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @ghenetactually riiiiiiiggggghhhhht?

  • @imbeingerica 12:03 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @law1sfab much better sleep last might!

  • @imbeingerica 12:03 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @hellothemushroom THANK YOU! Will tag him now.

  • @imbeingerica 12:04 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @burnessie It's the best time of year! It's in Bushwick though I can't remember exactly where - if you check out Bushwick Collective and have a wander around, you'll spot it!

  • @londonkirsty 12:27 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @imbeingerica well... yes... but still!

  • @burnessie 12:51 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @imbeingerica I had a brilliant time there a couple of weeks ago but it pissed it down the whole time god damn it! Can’t believe how many people are there though haha, it’s mad. Brilliant, thank you very much! I did not get enough Brooklyn time in on this trip

  • @adamfu 12:56 PM Sep 24, 2018

    I think 38,000 steps is in order today! Enjoy NYC!!!

  • @imbeingerica 1:00 PM Sep 24, 2018

    @adamfu not. A. CHANCE! thanks man! πŸ’œ

  • @mr.meanstotravel 3:14 PM Sep 24, 2018

    Missing all the photo ops of NYC!