Katia Ortiz ( @_katiaortiz_ )

2:14 AM Sep 23, 2018
It all starts with a wish a dream a goal a vision....watch me grow to be a great photographer i started with a small camera now i got a more professional one i might not have it all but little by little i will add stuff to this picture and its gonna be amazing i love everything about photography, videography and editing i am learning from watching videos of amazing photographers like @ltevebaugh @mjbjerre and @petermckinnon and reading online. Also from my friend @natyniicol because we share the same dream. I believe in myself and one day i will travel the world just to take a picture. Im just getting started 📷🎥 if you wanna follow my journey of photography go here @__kophotography__ @canonusa #photography #canonphotography #canonusa #canonrebelt3i #canon7d #sportphotography #landscapephotography #streetphotography #portraitphotography #animalphotography #followme #mynewjeourney #dreambig



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    Me too I love the cámara enjoy can wait to see the product

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