• @susansmets 9:28 PM Sep 14, 2018

    This looks so cool and so incredibly hard to do!

  • @handmadebylorivictoria 9:28 PM Sep 14, 2018

    @susansmets Thank you! It's not that hard just a lot of stabbing wool! Very stress reliving haha! X

  • @kathyroehrer 2:39 AM Sep 15, 2018

    Aww so adorable!! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • @hazellovescrafts 8:27 AM Sep 15, 2018

    Awww so cute

  • @woolyowlfeet 10:53 PM Sep 23, 2018

    Wow it looks great! Good job!! My first Needlefelt project was a Panda too 😊

  • @handmadebylorivictoria 10:57 PM Sep 23, 2018

    @woolyowlfeet Thank you, it was just a lucky start I think. Love your dinosaur!

  • @handmadebylorivictoria 10:57 PM Sep 23, 2018

    @woolyowlfeet I mean your santa! It's late haha

  • @woolyowlfeet 11:02 PM Sep 23, 2018

    @handmadebylorivictoria Haha I do that ALL the time. Thank you!! It was definitely a new challenge, a fun one. I tried a dinosaur once, it was too much for newbie me and turned out pretty sad 😂

  • @handmadebylorivictoria 11:04 PM Sep 23, 2018

    @woolyowlfeet Least I'm not the only one! I might have to try a santa like that tomorrow :) That's like my penguin it was my second go and turned out so bad! His face looks like he's ran into a wall it's all flat haha. Not been doing it for long only just over a week but I'm hooked!

  • @woolyowlfeet 11:39 PM Sep 23, 2018

    @handmadebylorivictoria @handmadebylorivictoria I make the shape first in cheaper, non-dyed wool, then when I have the desired shape I cover it in whatever colors I want. I found I waste less wool this way and it's easier to fix my mistakes. For the beard I just barely poked it in, gave it a little shape and let it be. Makes it more 3D and "beard-like". Everything I've ever done is experimental, I'm not an expert at all 😆. I have always wanted to felt, but never started until last year around Christmas. I have a lot of smashed face creations haha. One tip I can give is to try and make your animals bigger, then it's easier to make the face more 3D and gives it personality. I FINALLY figured that out not too long ago and my animals have turned out much better. I buy my undyed wool in 2lbs balls, it's cheap and gives me plenty of room to mess around and practice without feeling guilty about wasting pricey wool. 😊